Mariela has a long experience as a professional, she is one of the most valued photographers in Spain in the field of architectural photography. Her artistic training determines her particular view of spaces and her extreme sensitivity towards the light that surrounds them. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and has worked for important architectural studios, public entities, construction companies, companies and city councils in Spain, Italy, Germany and recently in Norway. He has a large network of contacts with specialised magazines and his work has been published in all the important media in the sector. She is also a populariser and teacher, which she enjoys very much.

—Interview in Valencia Plaza. Valencia 2022
—Debate Bajo la Mirada in Espai Alfaro. Valencia 2022
—UPV Radio interview. Valencia 2022
—Guest professor in the 1st University Master in Image and Communication of Architecture. Málaga 2020
—Lecture and Workshop on Architectural Photography. Oslo 2019
—Cover photography for the book of Juan Gómez Jurado Reina Roja. 2018
—I Workshop on Architectural Photography. Valencia 2018
—VII Jornada de Arquitectura y Fotografía. Seville 2018
—Group Exhibition in the City Council of Valencia. Valencia 2018
Lecture at the I International Congress: Nuevas Propuestas en Investigación y Docencia de la Fotografía. Valencia 2017
—Lecture at the 4th Edition International Seminar On the Surface. Porto 2016
—Master Class at the Universidad Europea de Valencia. Valencia 2016
—Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. Berlin 2016
—Professor in the TAI College. Madrid 2016
—Lecture at the TAI College. Madrid 2016
—Lecture at the IVAM Museum. Valencia 2016
—Group Exhibition Centro Centro. Madrid 2016
—Workshop. Zaragoza 2016
—10 Spanish Architecture Photographers in Metalocus Magazine. 2014
—Exhibition Kir Royal Gallery. Valencia 2014
—Exhibition Spazio FMG Archittetura. Milano 2014
—Exhibition Venice Biennale. Venice 2014
—Exhibition Alarcón Criado Gallery. Sevilla 2014
—Exhibition Espai Rambleta. Valencia 2013
—Guest Professor at the Máster en Producción Artística UPV. Valencia 2011-2012

Some of my special clients:

Ministerio de Fomento de España, Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Cámara de Comercio España, Fundación Arquia, Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación, CCCC Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea, Fundación La Caixa, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, NAL Association of Norwegian Architects, Penguin Random House, Planeta Portugal, Laser Verlag, Fazi Editore, Círculo de Lectores, Turner Editores, Secopsa, Arcelor Mittal, Arcion, ESAAA France, Prisa, Vibia Lighting, Arkoslight, Ondarreta, Estiluz, Bodegas Neleman, Vertisol, AT4, Madentia, Rocace, Onix, Stua, Saloni, Porcelanosa, IMG Window, Prodema Wood, Construcciones Francés, Solon Eiendom, Elo Construcciones.

Thanks to the collaborators of all these years! Especially to Cris Caballero, José Cortés, Gabriel Fabra, Bárbara Fuentes, María Aloy, Thais Carballés. Paco Mora always in post-production.